The Business Coaching Company

We are a specialist provider of executive coaching to business. All our coaches have significant high-level experience within industry, along with coach-specific training.
We supply business coaching packages for specific job functions; these packages are then tailored within the sessions to fit the individual. This bespoke “training” produces greater productivity, giving our clients a competitive edge. The job of a coach is to facilitate the thinking process that reveals solutions, then to suggest relevant business models to reach a conclusion.

Our promise is to provide the same standards of professionalism as you would expect from other leading business service providers.

Implementing a Coaching Culture

Can you imagine a dynamic company full of self-motivated, satisfied individuals? Let us show you how we think this can be achieved.
“Coaching Culture” is a popular buzz phrase at present. What does it mean?

Once an organization embraces coaching, it finds that good managers and leaders are effectively good coaches. Once senior individuals receive coaching, they become curious as to how the coaching approach can be applied in their business.


World class organizations such as Microsoft have integrated coaching into most parts of their structure. These organizations know that we are living in a dramatically shifting period of history. Without upgrading the culture that drives them, organizations stuck in “old cultures” may be doomed sooner than they think.

We run significant in-house programs which integrate coach training, coaching, projects and coaching supervision to implement a change to a coaching culture.


Coaching Packages

21/11/2020 14:57
Packaging at a Glance To get a measurable return on investment, it is important to set clear outcomes for business coaching. We offer executive coaching packages aimed at strengthening specific areas; you know what you have come for and what you are getting.   We have six one-to-one...

The Coach

21/11/2020 14:56
The Coach We supply coaches who have significant previous experience of coaching at this level. Furthermore, the coach will be highly qualified with coach-specific training (not only consultancy training). In most cases, the coach will also have previously held leadership roles in business...

For example, one international firm asked us to provide our Manager as Coach course to their entire management team. This involved also running through some team projects supported by individual and team coaching, as well as presentation of the results of the program to the Board. Their year-end following our program reported the highest ever profits and staff retention figures within that department.